What is Forex Trading?

ForexThe way in which Forex trading works has changed from all recognition over the years, for in the early days of currency trading you would have to set side huge amount of cash and then use that cash to buy one currency in the hope that it would move in value over any given time period and then you would buy back your original currency when the value moves in the right direction.

However, with the next generation of Forex Broker you are no longer going to have to tie up huge volumes of cash and currencies to be able to trade on the value of currency movements, for instead you are simply going to have to place a wager in regards to which way you think two different currencies will move against each other.

The time period you can selects as the one to bas your Forex trades on are also variance and as such you are always going to be in full control in regards to the amount of money you invest, the currencies you pair up together, and just how long your trades remain active for.

Forex Trading Questions and Answers

Below are a range of commonly asked questions by first time and inexperienced Forex traders in regards to Forex trading as a whole, and as such if you do find yourself having an interest in becoming a Forex trader then read on for some of the answers to the following questions you will find very helpful and informative.

  1. How Much Do Forex Trades Cost?

    One of the main attractions of Forex trading is that it is you and you alone who can decide just how much you invest on each trade you place. Therefore they are suitable for every level of trader and everyone can invest just small amounts if they so desire.

    However, if you are a high volume trader then it is worth keeping in mind that you will always be able to place very high valued Forex trades if you so desire at any of our featured Forex Brokers and there will be advantages and additional benefits of doing so.

  2. Will I Be Given Access to Bonuses?

    You are always going o find some form of bonus can be claimed when you first sign up to any of our fully licensed and regulated Forex Brokers, in fact some of those bonuses can be very high valued ones.

    With that in mind please do ensure that you continue reading through our series of guides dedicated to Forex trading online or via a mobile device as we will be introducing you to many different types of bonuses offers and promotions that will be available to you.

  3. Are All Forex Brokers Licensed?

    One thing we would like to point out to you is that not every single Forex Broker you will find being advertised online is going to be a fully licensed and regulated venue, and as such you need to be very careful in regards to just which ones you do sign up to and join.

    However, to make picking out and selecting a Forex Broker that is going to live up to your very highest of expectations we are happy to let you know that all of those Forex Brokers you will find showcased and fully reviewed throughout our website do all hold a full trading license and as such you can place your trades at those Forex Brokers with complete confidence.

  4. What Trading Platforms are Available?

    You will find that you are able to access trading platforms from any type of web browser and as such when you access those online trading platform you are never going to be forced to have to download any software onto your computer or laptop.

    In fact all of the Forex Brokers we have chosen to list on this website also now have their one unique mobile trading platform which you can download as an app. Those mobile trading apps will of course give you the flexibility of being able to place Forex trades from anywhere you are.

  5. Are Forex Brokers Open 24 Hours a Day?

    As Forex trading is of course a 24 hours a day environment that does of course mean you are going to be able to log onto a trading platform and then place a myriad of different currency coupling whenever you wish to place those trades.

    In fact with different time zones across the world it will be worth you logging into your preferred Forex Brokers trading platforms and placing trades at different times of the day or night as there will always be profits to be made when you do.

  6. Will I need a Lot of Experience to Trade Forex?

    You are going to be able to learn who to trade Forex very quickly for you are only tasked with picking out two currencies and then choose which way you think the value of those currencies will move over any given time period.

    In fact by opening up a demo trading account at any of our featured Forex Broker you are going to be able to place completely risk free trade but in a real live trading environment, and as such we are more than confident you will soon get the hang of trading Forex very quickly.

  7. Is Forex Trading Legal?

    It will be dependent on where you live in the worlds in regard sot whether your country of residence has deemed Forex trading to be legal. However, all of our featured Brokers do hold a full trading license and as such those sites have been licensed and are deemed to be perfectly legal Forex Brokers.

  8. Can I trade for Small Amounts

    You are going to be able to choose your own stakes when placing any type of Forex trade so if you only have set aside a small budget to place Forex trades then you are going to have no problems being able to place small and modestly sized trades on any two currencies you like.