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education tradingThey say that knowledge is power, and when you are a Binary Options trader that saying is very true, for you need to try and keep one step ahead of the money markets whilst always trying to second guess the way stocks and shares, commodities and assets will move in regards to their value over any given time period.

If you are hoping, as every trader does, you will make sustained and continuous trading Binary Options or even Forex profits then much like everything else in life you have to fully understand how both of those financial instruments work and operate and be able to place your trades at just the right moment to be able to secure yourself a profit.

With that in mind we are about to showcase to you ways that you can educate yourself as to how to place any type of Forex or Binary Option trade, so please do read on and be prepared to set aside a fair amount of time so you can master this unique ways of cashing in on the movement in currency and all manner of other assets whether they are precious metals, commodities or stocks and shares.

Financial News and Economic Indicators

There are of course several different sources where you can get up to the second news on a range of different financial related news stories. Many Binary Options traders and Forex trades will have rolling news channels on in the background whilst they are placing their daily trades.

In fact first thing in the morning as any traders wakes up along with making themselves a coffee and some breakfast in the background they will have on those financial rolling news channels and will be digesting all of the information they are being fed from those news channels.

It is also worth noting that at certain times of the year all developed countries will release sets of data and facts and figures that will give you an instant indication as to how certain markets sectors and the country as a whole are performing.

Make sure you find out on just what days of the week that information is released and the time and method of those facts and figures being released, for as soon as the data is released you will discover the share values and currency of the respective countries will move in one way or another subject to just how good or bad the data is.

Practice makes Perfect

If you have never placed Binary Options before and have no experience of placing Forex trades, then you will need to get used to the different trading platforms and this trading environment quickly, however whilst you are learning the ropes you should be doing so in a no risk environment.

By you signing up as a new trader at any of our featured Broker you are going to be able to open up something known as a demo trading account, and this is something we would actively encourage anyone wishing to start placing any type of trade online does.

Once you have registered and opened up a demo trading account you can then use the no risk demo credits awarded to you via those demo accounts to place trades on the live trading platforms, and as such you will be getting used to placing your trades on the real live and active money markets and trading platforms but you will be using demo credits as opposed to real money credits.

That is going to enable you to place a very diverse range of different trades whilst being also able to configure the trading platforms in a way you find convenient, and in no time at all you will be able to switch over to trading in a real money trading environment.

Trading Guides and Training Videos

We have carefully handpicked all of the Binary Options and Forex Brokers you will find reviewed and showcased throughout this website, and each of them offer a range of unique qualities that will ensure you have an unsurpassed trading experience at any of them you choose to sign up to.

One major benefit that will be of interest to you if you are a first time or inexperienced trader is that a range of online trading guides and training videos will become available to you once you sign up as a new trader at those Brokers.

So if you are on the hunt for as much information regarding placing absolutely any type of trade, as all first time traders will be, then please do make use of those free of charge trading guides and training videos for on the websites of any of our featured Brokers.

You will also be given your own Account Managers when you sign up to most Brokers, and in addition to you having that direct point of contact at each broker you sign up to you are also going to be able to make use of an around the clock customer support service, so you will never be very far away from getting the answers to any questions you may have be either getting in touch with your Account manager for the customer support gents via the customer care centres.

Bonuses and Trader Promotions

One final aspect to trading Options online whether Binary or Forex is that you are going to come across lots of different trader bonuses and a wide and very varied range of different promotional offers.

Please however do be aware that all that glitters is not gold, and you need to carefully select out only those promotional offers that are going to give you true value when claiming any type of trader bonus.

The way to tell whether a bonus is giving your true and real value is by reading through the terms and conditions of those bonuses and comparing them with terms and conditions attached to bonuses from different brokers, ideally look for bonuses with a low volume or trades needed to be placed before you turn your bonus credits into real cash and those bonuses offering no maximum cash out limits are usually the better valued ones.