Top 10 Australian Forex Brokers and Platforms by TradersBible

Australian Forex Brokers and PlatformsWe have compiled the following Australian Forex Brokers guide to introduce you to a range of different Forex Brokers who offer their services to clients based in Australia.

We have also listed further down this guide a listing of the benefits that will be coming your way when you sign up to any of those Forex Brokers.

Broker Offer Review

Deposit: $100
Payout: N/A
A CFD Service


Deposit: $5
Payout: 888:1


Deposit: $200
Bonus: $20,000
Payout: 86%


Deposit: $100
Bonus: 20%
Payout: 200:1


Deposit: $200
Bonus: 100%
Payout: 85%


Deposit: $100
Bonus: $10,000
Payout: 400:1


Top Rated Australian Forex Brokers and Platforms

Let us start off by introducing you to our featured Australian Forex Brokers each of the following have proven to be Brokers where you are going to have a full yet very diverse range of trading opportunities and a such we actively encourage you to check out each of our individual Broker reviews and you will out what else they have which makes them Brokers you can rely on.

Finexo – Top of our list of Australian trader friendly Broker is Finexo, they are one of the very best Brokers you can sign up too, possibly more so if you are a little inexperienced at placing Forex related trades, for they have some very informative guides on how to use their platform and also their many different currency options are explained in their training guides too! – A fully rounded online or mobile trading experience is what we just know you are going to be getting when you sign up to They are one of the oldest and most established Forex Brokers around and have built up over their many years a spotless track records in giving both low and high volume traders the very best of everything.

We are more than happy to introduce you to and would encourage you to take a look over their website or to read our review of, for they are possible going to be the only Broker you will need no matter what types of Forex related trades you wish to place.

NSFX – You will want your trading budget to stretch as far as it possibly can do when you are trading Forex online, a and that is part of the reason we have opted to showcase to you NSFX, for they are famed for their ongoing trader promotional offers that will always allow you to lock in the absolute maximum from your deposited and your trading budget.

Plus500 – Having proven to have a true commitment to supplying every single one of the Australian based traders with all of the tools they will need to be able to place any type of currency pairing, we actively encourage you to take a look at our review of Plus500 for you will have lots of boxes to be ticked on your list of wants and demands from any Forex Broker you sign up to and we just know they will tick every single one of those boxes.

AVATrade – One of the benefits of you signing up today and becoming a trader at AVA trade is that they will award all new Australian based traders with one of the largest and easiest to claim trader bonuses, which should certainly give your trading budget a large boost in value.

Remember that each of the above Brokers are going to allow you to sign up and make use of a demo trading account which will allow you to put their respective trading platforms through their paces, and also allow you to see just how easy placing any type of Forex trade is.

Benefits of Australian Forex Brokers and Platforms

There are several reasons why, as an Australian based Forex trader you should be actively seeking out a Broker that will offer you a range of trading options. With that in mind below we have several benefits listed that you will have coming your way and as such we advise you to look this listing and then compare everything on it to any Broker you are thinking of signing up to.

AUD Banking Options – As a trader you will never want to be at the mercy of volatile Forex rates yourself when making a deposit, you will be best off choosing to sign up to any of our featured Brokers, as by doing so you are not only going to be able to make a deposit and/or a withdrawal of your profits in AUD but you will also find they have plenty of banking methods available.

Hassle Free Withdrawals – Once you have completed one or more winning Forex trades you will of course want to get access to those gains as quickly as is possible, all of our featured and top rated Australian Forex Brokers have been chosen for several different reasons and one of those reasons is that they always payout traders gains quickly and by a method of their own choosing.

Mobile Trading Platforms – One thing that you will appreciate no matter which of our Australian Forex Brokers you choose to sign up to it that you will be able to use a mobile trading platform allows you to instantly be able to place your Forex trades wherever you are quickly and very easily, however they do all have of course their own highly advanced online trading platforms too, and as such you can use a web browser based trading platform if you prefer.

All Currency Pairings Available – You will certainly not want to have just a limited number of currency pairing options available when you sign up to an Australian Forex Broker, and with that in mind we have ensured that all of the Brokers we have listed and reviewed on this website will allow you to pair up any two currencies of your own choosing.

Trader Training Guides – One final thing worth noting is that all of our featured brokers will also let you make full use of their free trading training guides, so with that in mind if you are new to the world of Forex trading then simply check out any of our featured Forex Brokers websites and have a read through some of those very informative trading guides and watch some of their training video presentations too!