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If you are looking to expand the range of trades you can place then Plus500 offers only CFD services, a trader with a Plus500 account can trade CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Commodities , Options and Indices then it will be worth your while taking a look through this review of Plus500.

Plus500 is one of the very best Forex Brokers that have built up a solid and first class reputation for giving all of their traders, whether low or high volume Forex traders the best of everything. Below are several of the unique and standout qualities that make Plus500 a Broker you really should become a trader at so read on to find out what each of those exclusive benefits are.

Forex Trading at Plus500

We only list the top rated Forex Brokers on this website and as such we would now like to showcase to you some of the additional benefits and features that will be made available to you once you sign up and start to place your Forex related trades at Plus500. In fact we are more than confident when you open up a trading account you will never need to place your Forex trades anywhere else online.

Browser Based Trading Platform – No one will want to have to download a Forex trading platform onto their computer, much more so if you are the type of trader who has several different computers which you use to access your trading accounts.

With that in mind another major benefit of you choose to use the Plus500 Trading platform is that it is a completely web browser based trading platform. That mean you simply have to launch the web browser attached to any of your computers or laptops and then you can access the platform with your log in details instantly and with never the need to download anything onto those devices.

Downloadable Configurable Platform – If the no download web browser platforms mentioned above is not to your liking and you are the type of trader who likes to be given access to a range of different option settings when logged into a trading platform then you will be pleased to learn a fully downloadable trading platform is available at Plus500.

By spending the few minutes it will take to download that trading platform you will then be able to configure the trading platform to work and operate in a way you find appealing and as such you may find that is a much more useful trading platform that the web browser based one. Whichever one you do decide to use you will always be given access to a huge number of currency pairings of course!

Listed on AIM on the LSE – Ensuring that you are a customer of a fully licensed and regulated Forex broker is of course important and it will make all of the difference in regards to whether you will experience a completely hassle free type of trading experience or one you would rather forget. Plus500 is in fact one of many companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM index and as such they have a solid rack record as a company and one that goes through many legal and regulatory checks.

With that in mind if you are looking around for just one Forex Broker to sign up to we are more than happy to showcase to you Plus500 as we just know they will live up to every single Forex traders very highest of expectations and they are a Broker you can always rely on to deliver plenty of currency pairings and rapid winning payouts.

Licensed and Regulated

Plus500 UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909).

Plus500 CY LTD is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License No. 250/14).

Plus500AU Pty Ltd, AFSL #417727 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission is authorized to issue these products to Australian residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I deposit by credit card?

    You will always be able to make a deposit into you trading account by using a credit card, however do be aware that your credit card issuer may charge you a cash advance fee when funding a trading account, and with that in mind it may be more cost effective of you to make a deposit using a debit card as you are not going to find any additional free and charges attached to deposit made by a debit card.

  2. Are trades settled instantly?

    When you are a real money trader at this Broker one thing you will find appealing is that their trading platform is fully automated, and that does of course mean that once any trade placed has expired and have resulted in you placing a winning trade your payout for that that trade will be automatically added to your real money account balance. Be wary of some Brokers who manually settle each trade as that will see you having to wait some time to get paid your winnings.

  3. Can I trade via a mobile?

    You are not going to be forced to have to be sat in front of a computer or laptop to be able to place any type of trade at this leading Broker. For they have not got available a state of the art mobile trading app which you are able to freely download onto any type of touch screen mobile device. As soon as you have that app loaded and installed on any mobile device you own whether a tablet device or mobile phone then you are able to place trades from anywhere and at any time of your own choosing.