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AVATrade Review

There is something special about AVATrade that makes them one of the best Forex Brokers, and that is they have made a concerted effort to get licensed and regulated in many different countries. They have now obtained licenses to operate in most countries of the world and as such if you are looking for a Forex Broker you can trust and one that adheres to the highest industry standard then do read on.

Below we have a complete overview of what makes AVATrader one of the very highest rated Forex Brokers and one at which no matter when you log onto their trading platform you are always going to have the maximum number of trading opportunities available to you. You really will be impressed by what you are about to read.

Forex Trading at AVATrade

You will be able to place a huge variety of Forex related trades as a client of AVATrader and to give you some ideas as to the many unique features and benefits offered by this industry leading Forex Broker below we have highlighted several of them, so please read on to find out what you will be able to benefit from once you open up a real money trading account.

High Valued Trader Bonus – As a valued first time real money trader at AVATrade they are going to give you a generous welcome bonus. The actual value of that bonus will of course be dependent on how much you choose to deposit.

The bonus structure is going to see you being able to pick up a bonus worth $40 on an initial deposit of $200 however the more you deposit the larger in value the bonus will become, in fact if you are a high volume Forex trader then it will be worth considering claiming the maximum bonus which is valued at a huge $10,000 which will be available to you if you make an initial deposit of $50,000

Live Market News – You will always be looking or the very latest news stories and breaking news updates when you are a Forex trader as it is often some of the major news stories that occur during the day or night that can have an instant affect on the value of any worldwide currency.

As such one aspect to becoming a trader at AVATrade is that you will always be given instant and unrestricted access to their live market news data on which you will always be able to keep your finger on the pulse in regards to what is happening in the Forex markets in every single country of the world.

Bitcoin Trading Options – There are not that many Forex Brokers that are going to allow you to base one half of your trades on the digit virtual currency that is Bitcoin, however that is going to be one of the trading options that you will always be able to place trades on as a trader at AVATrade.

They have had Bitcoin as one of their currency pairings for quite a while now and those pairing options have proven to be very popular with many traders looking to diversify their portfolio of available trades. So if you have ever wanted to trade at a site offering Bitcoin pairings then AVATrade is going to be the site for you.

Please do take a look over their website and view their we based trading platform for a complete listing of every single available pairing option as there will be several of them that appeal to you and your trading strategy.

Licensed and Regulated – As part of you every growing checklist when you are comparing what is on offer and what you are looking for from a Forex trading site you do need to ensure any Broker that you choose to sign up to is fully licensed and regulated.

One thing worth noting about Avatrade is that they hold full and valid license and are actually regulated in all of the countries they offer their services in. As such they are a very highly regulated Broker and one that you are never going to experience and problems trading at.

For more information on all of their licensing authorities please do pay a visit to their website where you are always going to find a plethora of other interesting information on this highly regards Forex Broker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the banking interface easy to use?

    Some Brokers have chosen to make their banking interfaces a complete minefield for traders, however when you sign up to this Broker you will fortunately find a very easy to use banking interface Not only can you seamlessly fund you account 24 hours a day but you will of course also find a large and varied range of banking options available and as such funding you account will always be a complete breeze.

  2. Can I trade on the value of Bitcoin?

    One aspect to signing up to this Brokers is that you will of course be able to place trades on any two currencies of your own choosing, however you are now able to include on one side of your trade Bitcoin. They have recently added Bitcoin to their list of available currency pairings so if you are a fan of this quite volatile digital currency then placing trades on its value is going to be easy, so do make sure you become a trader here as soon as you can do.

  3. How do I access the trading platform?

    You are going to have several different ways that you can access and start placing your trades as this Broker. With that in mind choose whether you would like to have the convenience of being able to place trades form anywhere and if that is the case then download their mobile trading app onto any mobile device you own. However, they do also have online trading platforms and the easiest one to access is their web browser based trading platform which requires no downloading of software for you to be able to access and start trading on it.