What Account Type Will Suit Me?

open an accountYou could be totally unaware that when you are signing up to most if not all Forex Brokers you are going to be given the option of choosing one of several different account types.

Whilst you will of course be able to open up a demo trading account if you simply want to test out any Broker trading platforms and see what services they offer in a no risk trading environment, knowing which real money trading account is going to be best suited to you is very important.

It is going to be the case that the amount of cash you initially will need to deposit into any Forex trader to be given access to a one of heir more advanced and beneficial trading account will be higher than one of their basic account, and as such if it important you make sure you are signing up to a top rated and first class Forex trader if you intend to make a large deposit to be able to make use of the premium type of trading account.

Questions and Answers

Please take a look through it section of our guide to the many different types of Forex trading accounts as there will be many benefits to be had if you do decide to open a certain type of trading account, and those benefits include after withdrawals, personal account managers and even more generous promotional and bonus offers being made available to you at different Brokers.

  1. What are Demo Trading Accounts?

    You will always have the option when you sign up to any of our featured Forex Brokers of opening up a demo trading account. This type of account is going to be suitable for everyone who have never placed any type of Forex trade before.

    You will be given the ability of placing as many no risk trades as you like when accessing a demo trading account, and will also be able to test out some of the advanced features that are available on the trading platform you have chosen to utilize.

  2. Can I Open a Standard Trading Account?

    The most basic type of trading account you can open will be a standard account, these types of accounts are very easy to manage, and may be ideal for first time traders who are still finding their feet.

    Often you will not get any additional features or benefits offered to you when you open such an account, but you will be able to open this type of account with a small nominal initial deposit.

    So if you are still new to the world of Forex trading then do consider initially opening up a standard trading account once you have found your feet and got used to placing Forex trades online then you will of course be able to upgrade your account to a premier type account the details of which you will find below.

  3. Will I Have Access to a Premium Trading Account?

    One type of Forex trading account that you really should consider opening in a premier type account, for these types of accounts will see you getting lots of additional benefits and options that are not available on the more standard and basic type of Forex trading accounts.

    Be aware though that if you do wish to open up and then utilize a premier type of Forex trading account you are often required to make a fairly substantial initial deposit into that account.

    However, by doing so you will find a full and very comprehensive range of additional extras will instantly become available to you when you start using such an account.

    Those extras can include increased account limits enlarged bonuses and promotional offers and often you will benefit from much faster winning payouts all of which are fee free. You will also be allocate your own personal account manager who is going to go out of their way and that extra mile to ensure you get an unsurpassed online or mobile trading experiences when placing any type of Forex trades.

  4. In fact you will also be offered a set number of no risk trades when you open up a premier account so the rewards for doing so are huge!

  5. Can I Use a Mobile Trading App or Platform?

    You will never know when a potentially profitable Forex trading opportunity will come along, and it is going to be beneficial for you to make sure that you have downloaded onto any of your mobile devices a mobile Forex trading account, as by doing so you will always be able to log into that app and place Forex trades instantly from wherever you are.

    However, one thing we would like to point out is that tour online log in details which you use to access an online trading platform will works on the mobile trading apps and platforms offered by the same Forex Broker and as such you are not going to be required to open up a new mobile Forex trading account.

    Plus you are going to have just as many different trading opportunities and will always be offered just as many trading bonuses and promotional offers when using a mobile trading platform a you will have access to when using an online Forex trading platform, so you will not have to make do and put up with any compromises when using such a platform or app!

  6. Are Bonuses offered on All New Accounts?

    One of the main advantages that will be coming your way as soon as you open up a trading account today at any out featured Forex Brokers is that you will be able to claim a new trader bonus once they have registered as a new trader and make their initial deposit.

    Our exclusive Forex Broker bonus are structured in several different ways but all of them are going to allow you to increase the value of your trading budget and will allow you to have an increase chance of placing multiple winning trades with those bonus credits that will be awarded to you.