It is not only Binary options Brokers we have reviewed and will showcase to you on this Traders Bible website, fro we have also fully reviewed a range of top rated Forex Brokers too. One of those Brokers is the impressive Markets and if you are seeking a Broker offering you every possible currency pairing option then look no further.

Being such a long established Forex Broker they do of course know what all traders are looking for and will always go above and beyond what is expected of such a Broker. With that in mind please do read through this review of Markets for you really are going to be very hard pressed to find a better Broker then them. Below are the unique benefits that will be on offer to you the very minute you sign up and start to place your Forex trades here.

Forex Trading at Markets

There are many reasons why we think you should become a new client of Markets, not only are they one of our top rated and highly respected Forex Brokers but their trading platforms offer you plenty of always available trading opportunities. With that in mind below ware some of the reasons why we think it will be beneficial for you to sign up to Markets right now.

Up to $2000 in New Trader Bonuses – You will find form the very minute you sign up to Markets your training budget is going to stretch much further, for as a new real money trader you are going to be able to make use of a very generous sign up bonus.

Depending on how much you deposit into your account initially you are going to be awarded with a deposit match bonus on which up to a huge $2000 can be claimed via their welcome bonus offer. The full details and all of the terms and conditions of that bonus can be found on their website so please do take a look and try and claim as much of that deposit match welcome bonus offer as you can afford to claim.

Video Tutorials – As part of you learning to be a much better Forex trader, if you are of course new to this type of trading environment, make sure that you view all of the free video tutorials that are available from their website.

You will find them a very useful tool to be able to learn how to place some of the more unusual and unique type of Forex trades that you may never have come across before. It will always be worth you learning how to place every single type of trade so as to expand the range of potentially possible trading options available.

Quick Trade Feature – You are not going to have to spend very long actually mastering the way the trading platform works at Markets for you will find a Quick Trade feature is going to allow you to be able to place any currency pairing trade that has caught your attention in just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

You simply need to select the currency pairing you wish to place then also select the amount and select either buy or sell as your preferred option and then click on the trade button and instantly your trade will then be accepted and entered on their system. Once the trade had expired all winning payouts are returned to your account, is really is as simple as that.

Live Webinars – Markets want you to remain loyal to their Brokerage and as such they have a range of additional and completely free of charge training and trading guides that you are always going to be able to make full use of. Those guides will come in very handy if you are new to the world of Forex trading and as such please do pay a visit to their website.

As soon as you have registered and become a real money trader at Markets you will be invited to view their regular live webinars which cover a range of topics that all Forex traders, both new and experienced traders will always find useful. So if you are looking to expand your knowledge of Forex trading and wish to become a much more profitable trader then this is certainly a Broker that you will be interested in joining up to as they always believe in giving their trader the best of everything from fast payouts to complete and informative trading guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I make more than one deposit per day?

    Unlike some Brokers you are not going to be limited to making just one withdrawal per day when you opt to place any type of Binary Options trade at this leading Broker and that does of course mean you are always in control of when and how and of course just how much you deposit into your account. Deposits made here are going to be processed on the spot and therefore instantly and they will then reflect in your trading account the very second that they have been processed and authorised.

  2. Are USD pairings available?

    As one of the major world currencies you are of course going to find that when you open up a real money trading account at this Forex Broker you will be able to place trades on USD and have USD paired up against any other currency in the world. You will not only be restricted to placing USD currency pairings as you can of course freely pair up and trade any two currencies of your own choice. Take a look over their website or a complete overview of every single currency airing on offer as you will be amazed at just how many of them are available to you.

  3. Is this Broker a multi currency Broker?

    Being able to open an account in your own home currency is of course very important, for by doing so you are then going to be safe in the knowledge that when you are making a deposit into your real money trading account you are then not going to have to pay any additional fees or charges for turning your home currency into the one the Brokers trading platform uses. As such we are happy to let you know you can of course deposit in your own home currency when trading here simply select that currency as your base currency when opening up your account.