Opteck Review

You will find a mix of established and brand new Binary Options Brokers all listed and fully reviewed throughout our website, and if you are looking to sign up to a recently launched Broker but one that does of course come with a range of unique benefits and a Broker that is fully licensed and regulated then take a look over our review of Opteck.

Whilst they are a newly launched Binary Options Broker we have found them to be a Broker offering a range of unique features via their trading platform and their management team have many years experience in regards to Binary Options trading.

Opteck Account Types

If you are interested in signing up to and becoming a real money Binary options trader at Opteck then below you will find an overview of each of the different account types they offer their newly registered traders, one of which will be ideally suited to your trading strategy and volume of trades.

Green Account – The most basic of account type you can open at Opteck is their Green Account. You will be able to make use of this account once you register and make an initial deposit of between $250 and $499 and this account will allow you to claim a sign up welcome trade bonus whttps://tradersbible.com/wp-admin/themes.phporth up to 25% of your deposited amount.

Bronze Account – Another fairly basic type of account offered by Opteck is their Bronze Account and by opening one of these accounts wish $500 to $999 as you initial deposited amount you will have access to a Junior Account Manager a $5,000 Demo account and can also claim a sign up trader bonus valued at p to 35%.

Silver Account – The most popular account type offered by Opteck is their Silver Account his account can be opened with $1,000 – $4,999 and you will be able to make use of a sign bonus trader welcome bonus valued at up to 45%.
You will also be able to make use of a$10,000 demo trading account and will always be able to access the live phone and chat support, plus as an added bonus you will also have completely free of charge access to 22 educational video tutorials

Gold Account – There are many additional benefits of opening up a Gold Account at Opteck and these include you earning a bonus payout of 1% and you will also be able to receive up to20 to 30 Trading Signals per day

The welcome bonus which is exclusively available to Gold Account holders is a generous one on which you will be able to increase the value of your initial deposit by up to 65% plus you will also be able to watch two very informative webinars covering the topics of Market Liquidity and Trading Psychology.

Platinum Account – Another high volume trading account which may be more suitable for you is the Platinum Account at Opteck, this account will be available to you if you make an initial deposit of $10,000 – $24,999.

As a Platinum Account holder you will be given a range of additional extras one of which will see you being able to get an extra 1% on payouts, plus you will be sent out 30 to 40 Trading Signals per day

There is a welcome bonus available to Platinum Account holder’s worth up to 85% of your initial deposit amount and when trading via this type of account you can place trades with a minimum value of $100.

Black Account – The premier account offered by Opteck is their Black Account which you can open and start using once you have made a deposit from $25,000 to $50,000. Once you open up such an account you will be given an introduction and strategy session with one of their Executive Account Managers.

You will also benefit from a 2% extra payout which will increase the profits you can make instantly and you will also be sent out 40 to 50 Trading Signals per day. The welcome trader bonus offered to Black Accounts holder is worth up to 100% and you can also gain access to a $50,000 Demo account.

Other major benefits of opening up a Black Account include weekly sessions with their Senior Analysts, and also you will be given direct access to their priority access line plus you will additional be given alerts ahead of big market events and can also make use of four exclusive webinars.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all deposits processed in real time?

    You will certainly not want to waste any time when it comes to transfer money directly into your trading account, and with that in mind all of the available deposit options available at this Broker are going to be processed and added to your trading account in real time. That mean you can top up your account balance at any time of your own choosing and those funds will reflect in your account straight away and with no delays.

  2. Is there a web browser based trading platform?

    Many traders tend to use more than one computer to access any Brokers trading platforms and one annoying aspect of some Brokers I that you are forced to have to download a trading platform onto your computers to be able to access their trading platform. However, open an account at this Brokers and your log in details can then be used to access their web browser based trading platform, so simply launch a web browser on any computer and you can start to place your trades once you log into the trading platform.

  3. Who settles winning trades?

    All winning trades are not settled by hand as is often the case at some Brokers, for all winning trades placed at this Broker are settled automatically via the trading platform once they have expired. That means as a winning trader you will not have to wait very log for those winnings to show up in your account. As soon as you wish to cash out your winnings you can do so instantly by logging into the banking interface and the cashier’s team at this Broker will then process your winnings for you with no delays.