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Why Choose IQ Option?

  • Low deposit fees
  • Entirely free demo account
  • Excellent Trading Apps



IQ Option is a popular binary options broker that first served the Russian market before expanding to other countries across the globe. One reason for their popularity was they offered a custom trading platform built by them for both mobile and web trading, but also the availability of trading assets and commodities like gold, as well regular weekly trading tournaments.

As proof of their security and reliability, IQ Option holds a license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which means they are MiFID compliant.

IQ Option has also won several awards for its proprietary platform. Their beginning was marked with winning an award for most innovative binary options broker in 2013, but they’ve also won the title of Best Binary Broker 2014 by the MasterForex-V Academy.

IQ Option Account Types

If you’re thinking about joining IQ Option, you’ll find that they only have two account types, apart from the demo account. This might seem like a small choice, considering other brokers, but it is fair to say that both types cover plenty of options.

Demo account – The demo account is for those looking to learn the ropes of binary trading or even experienced traders looking to test the platform. But what really sets IQ Option apart is that the demo account requires no deposit to be made, unlike with most binary options brokers.

Where others incorporate the demo account into other accounts, some of which need high deposits to be activated, here you’ll find it as a separate option. However, while full functionality will be available when you use the demo, you’ll only be able to test it with 13 assets.

Real Account – The next step after the demo account is the Real Account, which opens up the full potential of the trading opportunities, but comes with a more limited scope of benefits than the VIP account.

With a Real Account you will be able to unlock every asset available on the platform (more than 70), and you will also be able to participate in IQ Option’s trading tournaments (subject to Terms & Conditions). The account also comes with fast withdrawals (1 day) as well as a $10 deposit minimum.

VIP Account – If you’re a more seasoned trader, the next step IQ Option offers is to become a VIP member at their platform.

With a VIP account, you can enjoy the same perks as the Real Account, i.e. you will get access to all the assets and commodities available, as well as be able to enter their trading competitions. The main difference being that with a VIP status, you’ll get even faster withdrawals (24 hours), a private account manager, and monthly analyses of your performance from the analysts at IQ Option.

Trading Options

IQ Option have more than 70 assets available for trading, with payouts that go to 90%*, depending on the time. The options you have at your disposal are truly varied. Popular fast-paced options like 60 Seconds trading is also available, and so are the high-low options, which have some of the highest payouts on average around. Basically, you can set your expiration time anywhere from 1 minute to the full day, but also have it go turbo (less than a minute).

The variance of IQ Option also allows for trades beyond the standard menu, as they offer stock trading from Asian and Latin American markets, but also international business giants like Apple, Microsoft, Nike or British Petroleum. The key focus is to provide profitable and understandable markets.

Simplified Mobile Management

One of the most popular things about this broker is their mobile app. The app comes loaded with a host of features that can also be found on the desktop version, but with an familiarity that reminds you of other apps. It also works seamlessly across both Android and iOS devices.

Competitive Trading

Another defining feature for IQ Option are their trading tournaments (subject to Terms & Conditions), which are regularly held at various time intervals. All tournaments (subject to Terms & Conditions) span for a different period and come with different prize pools and entry requirements. In general, every competition will have you pay an entry fee upon which you’ll be awarded a special tournament account. A percentage of your entry fee (70-80% +) will go to the prize pool, which will be redistributed to the top traders after the tournament ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the Banking Limits at IQ Option?

    With any real money account at the broker, you will be allowed to deposit a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $1million, while the minimum investment will be $1. The withdrawals, on the other hand, have no minimum limits imposed, but IQ Option won’t allow you to withdraw more than $1million.

  2. Can I trade through my Web Browser?

    Yes, you can. IQ Option has a web platform that can be easily accessed by visiting their web address. Here you’ll find all the tools and options available at the broker, including access to video demos and other useful tutorials. However, if you have an older PC, you might find the site not as smooth. On the plus side, you can also use the native mobile app, which can be found on their website or by visiting the Play Store and App Store.

  3. What Assets Does IQ Option Have?

    There are three types of assets and commodities at IQ Option: currencies, stocks, and precious metals. The main portion of their offer is naturally reserved for currencies and stocks, which are fairly standard across the board. Popular pairs like USD/EUR and USD/JPY can be found among the offer, but also stocks from various global and regional players like Lufthansa, Yandex, and Google. The only precious metals available are Silver and Gold.

* Amount to be credited to account in case of successful trade in case of correct prediction or in case of successful trade


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