CherryTrade Review

You will find, as you take a look around our website, a range of Binary Options Brokers that we have chosen to review which are able to cater for traders based in the US. One of those Brokers is CherryTrade and as such should you be an American Binary options trade who is demanding a first class trading experience and a Broker who can cater for your volume of trades and also pay you out in a hassle free and speedy way read on.

Below you will find all of the unique selling points that really do make CherryTrade a Broker worthy of your custom, and for more details simply visit their website where you can become a real money trader in a matter of minutes once you fill in and complete their registration form online.

CherryTrade Account Types

Opening up an account at CherryTrade will be a simple process that is only ever going to take you a minute or two. However, there are several different account types that you are going to be able to make use of as a new trader at CherryTrade and below you will find an overview of each of them.

Basic Account – There is a starter account that you may be interested in signing up for at CherryTrade and this account will be a great one to make use of if you are a first time Binary Options trader. The minimum deposit required for you to open up this account is up to $1,000.

You will of course have access to a large range of trading guides which you are going to be able to make use of as a first time trader and also a generous sign up welcome trader bonus will be made available to you once you have made a deposit into your account for the very first time.

Professional Account – One of the most commonly opened up trading accounts at CherryTrader is their Professional Account, this is going to be suited to most Binary Options traders and is an account that you can open up instantly and make a deposit of any amount up to $5,000.

Your Professional Account log in details will allow you to place any type of Binary Options trades you wish to place not only on their web based trading platform but also on their state of the art mobile trading platform. You will also be able to claim a trading budget boosting bonus too once you have made an initial deposit once you have opened your trading account.

Expert Account – If you can afford to make an initial deposit into your trading account at CherryTrade of up to $10,000 then it will pay dividends for you to open one of their Expert Accounts, for there are going to be a range of extras that will be coming your way when you do open such an account.

Please do take a look over their website or make contact with their customer support team to find out just what those benefits are for we just know you will be very impressed when you do!

VIP Account – The next trading account which will be on offer to you if you are a high volume Binary Options trader is the VIP Account which you can open once you have made a deposit of up to $25,000.

This account is one of the best account types you can have at CherryTrade for there is a large range of benefits that will be coming your way when you open up and start top use that account. If you are seeking a trading account that comes with all of the bells and whistles that your high volume trading action deserves then this is the account type for you.

Corporate Account – CherryTrade also offer a Corporate Account and as this is their premier account you will find it comes with lots of additional benefits once opened. In fact the best way to obtain more information on this account will be for you to make contact with the team at CherryTrade as they will then be able to allocate you one of their Corporate Account Manager.

That manager and the entire trading team will always be available to you and will be able to tailor a range of additional services and benefits that best suit your account, so please do make contact with them to discuss your options as a corporate client.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I deposit using a prepaid debit card?

    Many US based traders will find it is a lot easier for them to be able to make deposits into their trading account at this or any other Broker by using a pre paid debit card. As such we are happy to let you know that you can indeed opt to use any type of pre paid debit card as a real money trader at this Broker and whatever option you do choose to utilize your deposits will be processed instantly and will show up in your account once processed.

  2. Can I trade Forex at this Broker?

    Whilst this Broker is of course best known for their huge range of Binary Options trades that you can instantly place what you will also find that they offer which may be of interest to you is a range of Forex related trading opportunities. So if you ever fancy diversifying into placing any type of currency pairing then make sure you take a good look over their available Forex trades all of which are available via their very easy to use trading platforms.

  3. Will I be able use One Touch trading opportunities available?

    You will be able to place exactly the type of Binary Options trade you wish to place as a trader at this Broker, and as such if you are a fan of the One Touch trades then you will be pleased to learn they are also on offer too. Unlike other types of trades when you place a One Touch trade as soon as your trade reaches the value you are hoping it will then that trade will expire meaning you are in the money and have placed a winning trade.