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If you are one of our website visitors or someone who is interested in placing Binary Options trades on companies or placing Forex trades on the Canadian Dollar, then the following guide will be on interesting to you.

Below you will find a range of information and data and its financial standing in the world, plus lots of facts and figures regarding how their different markets sectors are made up.

Important Information For Canadian Traders

Binary Options Trading is Illegal In Canada..There are NO Binary Option Brokers who hold a valid license to operate in the country. We will notify you if the situation changes.

Featured and Top Rated Binary Options Brokers

Let us begin by highlighting and showcasing to you some of our highly rated trader friendly Binary Options Brokers. Please be aware each of the following Brokers have solid track records in giving all traders the highest levels of service and a very large range of trading opportunities and as such each of them comes highly recommended.

Goptions – One of the major attractions for Binary options traders of Goptions is that they offer some of the very fastest payout time scales. This does of course mean that if you are demanding a Broker that is always going to pull out all of the stops in regards to paying you in a timely fashion, each time you have requested a withdrawal then this is the Broker for you.

It is not only Binary Options trades that you are going to be able to place at Goptions for they also offer Forex trading opportunities and as such you are going to be able to pair up CAD and any other worldwide currency.

Porter Finance – Another Broker that is always going to allow you to place the exact type of Binary Options trades when you want to place them is the mighty Porter Finance, one of our most recent additions to our top rated Binary Options Broker listing there is a lot to like about what they have to offer traders.

If you are a first time Binary Options trader then Porter Finance is going to allow you to instantly open a demo trading account, which is of course something we would advise all novice traders to do. Once you have opened your demon trading account you will then be able to place no risk trades in a real environment but with no risk what so ever.

Once you have mastered using their demo trading platform, which does of course come with all of the option settings and features of their real money trading platform, you can then switch over to the real money trading environment instantly. Take a look over at the Porter Finance website for more details as we know they will soon become your number of Broker if you do decide to give them a try.

CherryTrade – One additional Binary Options Broker who will allow and accept all Binary Options traders to sign up as a real money trader is CherryTrade. We have found their trading platforms to be both highly configurable yet very easy to use, and as such if you are a new trader or a very experienced one you are guaranteed to find their trading platform a perfect one n which to trade.

You will never have any problems being able to both make a deposit into your CherryTrade account or make a rapid cash out from that account as they have a very large range of different banking options which you can utilize. Being fully licensed and regulated it does of course go without saying they always adhere to the very highest of industry standards and you will be very hard pressed to find any other Broker offering you as many trading opportunities as CherryTrade. Check out our review of this leading Binary Options Broker for they do come highly recommended.

Financial Standing

To enable you to get an idea as to how performing in the world of finance both at home and on the worldwide stage we have compiled below a range of interesting data. This is both historic and recent data in regards to many different aspects of the economy and as such we invite you to take a look through it.

National Bank – The Canadian National Bank is the Bank of Canada, if you required additional information on the Bank of Canada then its website is packed full of information in regards to policy and regulation of all Canadian banks.

Currency – The currency of Canada is the Canadian Dollar, should you be looking to place Forex trades with that currency as one of the pairings then you will of course need to know its abbreviation which is CAD.

Official Credit Rating – The Canadian economy is currently classed as one of the stronger worldwide ones and this is reflected in its current credit rating which for reference has been classified by Standard & Poor’s as AAA and by Moody’s as Aaa and Canada has been given a Moody’s outlook as being STA.

International Reserves – Huge amounts of International Reserves as you might expect from a major worldwide economy and currently those international reserves are valued at some of US$75.614 billion.

GDP Growth – The figures relating to real GDP growth in the last five years is impressive and as such those figures are, 2011 2.5%, 2012 1.7%, 2013 2.0% and in 2014 2.3%

Main Market Sectors – Knowing how much any countries GDP is based on the main market sectors will enable you to choose which Binary Options trades to place and the Agriculture market sector makes up 1.7% of GDP and the Industry market sector makes up 28.4% and the Services market sector makes up 69.9% of GDP.

Inflation – The rate of inflation in the UK does appear to be under control and as such let us now revealed to you the rate of inflation over the last few years. In 2011 it was 2.9%, in 2012 it was 1.5%, in 2013 it was 1.0% and in 2014 the rate of inflation was 1.9%.