Banc De Binary Review

One of the most well known Binary Options Brokers is of course the mighty Banc De Binary, and being licensed and regulated in many different countries it is fair to say that if you are looking for a new Binary Options Broker at which to trade any type of Binary Options then this is a Broker worthy of your custom.

Every aspect of placing trades at Banc De Binary is seamless and with lots of banking options and their rapid winning payouts you will never need to sign up to any other Broker once you are a client of theirs. Read on for we just know you are going to be very impressed by everything that they have to offer you.

Banc De Binary Account Types

You will always have access to a type of trading account that is tailored to your trading volume and trading budget when a client of Banc De Binary. With at in mind below we would like to showcase to you the several different account types on offer at this leading Broker.

Bronze Account – If you are seeking a very easy to manage Binary Options trading account and you are looking for one that will be able to seamlessly handle plenty of low volume trades then the Bronze Account is one you should be looking to open at Banc De Binary.

This is their most basic of accounts on which you can make an initial deposit of just $250 and by doing so you will then have full access to over 190 tradable assets and will also find you can access their twice a month Banc De Binary Webinars and you will also be able to full access their daily market reviews which may give you some ideas in regards to just which trades to place.

Silver Account – You may be more interested in opening up a Silver Account at Banc De Binary for in addition to all of the benefits of opening up the account below you will also be able to make use of their trading alerts service and their event analysis service.

You will also gain a direct line to your own personal Account Manger and will also receive one trading signal which many traders find very useful. To open up and start trading via the Silver Account at Bank De Binary you will need to make an initial deposit of $2500 and you can then start trading straight away.

Gold Account – The next higher tiered trading account which may be more suitable to you is the Gold Account offered by Banc De Binary, and this account will be ideal for you if you are a much higher volume trader looking for lots of little extras.

You will have to make an initial deposit of $5000 to open one of these accounts but when you do a full range of extras benefits will start to flow your way. One interesting aspect of opening up a God Account at Banc De Binary is that you will be given access to risk free trading opportunities and you will also be given a direct private session with a trading analyst and will also be sent out your own personally tailored smart money management plan.

Lion Premium Accounts – There are two additional account types on offer at Banc De Binary and these are classified as their Lion Premium Accounts. Should you be a very high volume Binary Options trader and you are looking for a site that will offer you the highest levels of service and the maximum trading regards based on your high volume trades then these two additional accounts are the ones for you.

One of the main attractions of opening up one of their very highest tiered Lion Premium Accounts that being the Platinum Account is that you are going to see an increased in your potential return on investment on each trade you play which will be from 2 to3 percent extra.

As you will also be designated with your own Personal Trading Manger, if you are interested in opening up such an account please do get directly in touch with their customer support team who will be able to pass you over to a trading manager who will be able to talk you through the options and be tailored benefits of becoming a Lion Premium Account holder at Banc De Binary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I deposit using more than one method?

    It will be up to you how and when you choose to make a deposit into your trading account at this Broker, they will allow you to make as many deposits as you like per day as you wish to make and you will be able to make those deposits using a credit card a web wallet or if you prefer you can of course use a credit card. However, always choose the option that will see you not having to pay any additional fee or charges to ensure you get full value form your deposits.

  2. What types of trades can I place?

    There are no limits in regards to the types of different trades that can be placed instantly and for any amount at this Broker, for their trading platforms are all going to allow you to be able to place the exact type of trades you wish to place. So if you are looking or example for one touch trading opportunities or your standard type of put or call trading opportunities then there will never be any shortages of them on offer when you sign up here.

  3. Are ladder trading opportunities available?

    If you are new to the world of online Binary Options trading then please do spend as much time as is possible taking a look through all of the available trading opportunities on offer at the Broker. You will find you can place a range of the more exotic types of Binary Options trades if you are interested in doing so and one type of Binary Option trade you can place are Ladder Trades. A full set of trading guides are available on this Brokers website and with that in mind do check through them all for a complete overview as to how each trade works and operates.