AnyOption Review

If you have not yet signed up to AnyOption then you really have been missing out. They are one of our higher rated Binary Options Brokers who not only offer one of the most advanced online trading platforms but have recently launched their own trading App.

There are of course many individual reasons why we just know they are always going to live up to any traders highest expectations, and with that in mind please do take a look through this review of AnyOption as they are a Broker you can always rely on to delivery you a first class trading experience and they always have plenty of open and live trading opportunities available all of which can be placed seamlessly.

AnyOption Account Types

Whilst quite a number of our featured and highly recommended Binary Options Brokers will offer you a range of different types of trading accounts all of which may come with additional benefits and a range of extras, that is something you will not find offered at AnyOption.

Instead of giving the best rewards and extras to very high volume traders and those willing to make the largest initial deposits, AnyOption believe that all of their traders deserve the best levels of service, the minimum extras and a range of rewards no matter how much they deposit or how much they trade.

With that in mind we are now going to walk you through and give you an insight into what you will find on offer to you the very minute you sign up and become a new trader at AnyOption. So please do read on and make sure you do indeed sign up to and become a trader at this top rated Binary Options Broker one day soon.

Choose Your Own Percentage Profit – If you choose open up an account at AnyOption you are going to be able to make a decision in regards to how much profit you are going to be able to lock in on each trade your place. This is thanks to their platform offer you the “choose your own profit” feature. Please do take a look over their informative guide as to how you can make use of this very interesting feature.

Trending Options Feature – Whilst you will always have your own ideas in regards to just which Binary Options trade you will wish to place at any time of the day or night, when utilizing the trading platforms at AnyOption you are going to be able to see what trades are currently trending those being the trades that other traders are placing in large numbers. This feature will allow you to place trades which are proving popular with other real money trades at AnyOption.

Take Profit Option – Each and every single Binary Options trade you can place at AnyOption will of course come with its standard expiry time, however when a trader at this leading Broker you are going to be able to utilize their take profit option. That option will allow you to take an early expiry time on any live trade and by doing so you can lock in a profit when paying a small fee. The full details of the fee charge for taking this option is always clearly stated and displayed alongside the trade you have placed.

Roll Forward Service – If you want to make use of another very handy option when placing trades at AnyOption then do take a look over how their Roll Forward Service works and operates. For this feature is going to allow you to postpone the expiry time on any Binary Options trades you have made to the next available expiry time. This service is certainly going to be of use to use from time to time when you are looking or additional ways to lock in a trading profit.

Show Off Social Media Feature – If you are a fan of social media then one novelty feature that may be of interest to you at AnyOption is their Show Off feature. This will allow you to publish your trading profits on Twitter or Facebook once those winning Binary Options trades have been settled. Maybe this is something you will wish to make us of if your Facebook friends or Twitter followers are also regular Binary Options traders too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What web wallets are accepted?

    All of the major web wallets are accepted at this Broker, however make sure that when you are wishing to top up your trading account the method that you do choose to use is one on which you are not being forced to pay any additional fees or charges. It can often be the case that by using a debit card as opposed to a web wallet you will never be forced to pay any fees or charges what so ever, so consider using a debit card instead of the fee charging web wallets.

  2. How quickly are trades settled?

    The entire trading platform at this Broker is designed to work seamlessly and automatically and that does of course mean that as soon as any trade you have placed reaches its expiry time then if that trade is a winning one you will then receive your payouts instantly into you trading account. That mean you will not be waiting long at all to get paid which you may have to do at some Brokers who settle winning trades manually.

  3. Can I trade via a mobile platform?

    There is a brand new mobile trading platform on offer at this Broker, and as such if you do fancy being able to place any type of trade form anywhere then make sure you download their mobile trading app. Your online account log in details will give you full access to that mobile trading platform so you will not be forced to have to sign up and register another account to be able to utilize that mobile trading platform.