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September 28, 2015
US Economic Indicators October 22, 2015 Clive Nelson

The New York Stock ExchangeThroughout the year there are going to be a range of US Economic Indicators released and these are a set of facts and figures and raw data that will give anyone interested in the financial standing of the US a very clear indication as to whether those market sectors these reports are associated with are performing well or not so well.

As a Binary Options or US Forex trader you should ensure that you get access to these reports as soon as they are released as by doing so you will discover that the markets will move in one direction or another almost instantly ones the data has been released.

The aim of any trader will of course be to predict the Economic Indicators as by doing so you will then be able to place a range of trades which if the data is correctly predicted will see you making repeated profits from any type of trade you have chosen to place.

Non-Farm Payrolls – This Economic Indicator will allow you to find out the actual number of workers in the US who are in paid work, this set of figures excludes those working in Government departments and also excludes farm workers.

Trade Balance or US Trade Deficit – This Economic Indicator will give you an idea at to the different in value between all export and imports to and from the US and this Economic Indicator is released and made available every month on the 10th day of each month.

CPI (Consumer Price Index) – This is a fairly unique Economic Indicator which uses a basket full of goods as the way in which inflation can be measured, this Economic Indicator is one which does not include foods or energy prices and it is released once a month.

Manufacturing ISM Report – This Economic Indicator is a full report of the manufacturing output from US based factories and is another very important Economic Indicator which you should always make use of and it is available on the first business day of each month and over the previous months manufacturing output from US based factories.

GDP – The Gross Domestic Product of any country is important as it is going to allow you to gauge the output of goods and all services produced and supplied by any one country and in the US this very important Economic Indicator is released and made available both monthly and quarterly.

PPI and Finished Goods – Another valuable resource you should use when you are thinking of placing Binary Options on companies based in the US is this one which is going to give you an overview of the inflation experience at the producer level or manufacturing of all manner or finished goods in the US.

US Unemployment Rate – One of the most important Economic Indicators you should be looking for each month is the US unemployment rate and this is the number of people who are in the labour market in the US given as a percentage of those who are out of work.

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