New Government Bond Binary Options

June 12, 2015
New Government Bond Binary Options August 21, 2018 Clive Nelson

government bondsA new type of trade what you are going to be able to place at one of our featured Forex Brokers that being AvaTrade are Government Bonds based Binary Options, and when you are looking to diversify into market places you may not have traded before then these Government Bond trading opportunities may be of interest to you.

You will be able to instantly place a range of US, European and Asian based Government Bonds as CFDs on the two different trading platforms offered at this leading Forex broker, and the main attraction of them and one reason that there are proving popular with worldwide trader is that spreads start at just $0.03 and you will be able to get leverage of up to 100:1.

Let us now give you a quick overview as to what is on offer to you if you do decide to sign up to this leading Broker and start top place these new type of CFD’s on Government Bonds issues.

Multiple Bonds – You will be amazed at just how diverse the Government Bonus trading opportunities are when you choose to sign up to and then start placing trades at AvaTrade.

In fact the very minuet you have logged onto their platform for the very first time you are going to be able to place trades on US, Japanese and also European government bonds

Commission Free Trades – You are not going to be forced to pay any type of commission when playing these types of trade online as they are all carried out commission free.

Low Spreads – You are going to find the very lowest spreads are on offer on Government Bonus trades in fact the lowest spread on offer start at a very modest and very affordable $0.03.

High Leverage – As mentioned above one of the main benefits that will be coming your way if you do decide to start trading these types of Government Bonds is that you will have some high value leverage and that leverage will be as high as 100:1.

Long or Short – You are also going to be able to buy or sell, long or short these types of options trades which means you are always in full control of the types of trades you do decide to place.

Types of Bonds – There are a range of different Government Bonds you will be able to place trades on including 5 Year US T-Notes, 10 Year US T-Notes, 30 Year US T-Bond, Euro-Bund, and also Japan Government Bonds

Trader Bonuses – If you are interested in placing any type of trade at AvaTrade then we would advise you to sign up as a new trader as soon as you can do for they are offering some of the largest sign up trader bonuses available anywhere.

Those bonuses are of course going to allow you to get the maximum value from your often overstretched trading budget and each of them are worth claiming, take a look over their website for more details.

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