Most Popular Worldwide Company Stocks

August 4, 2015
Most Popular Worldwide Company Stocks October 22, 2015 Clive Nelson

Worldwide CompaniesIf you are new to the world of Binary Options trading then you will be interested in the following trading guide, for below you will find a complete overview of some of the most traded worldwide company shares.

You will have no problems being able to place any type of Binary Options trade on any of the following companies and you will find that each of our featured Brokers will allow you to place your trades either on their online trading platforms or via their state of the art mobile trading platforms.

So do read on for when it comes to placing trades on large and well known companies you will be hard pressed to find any larger companies that those which we have listed below. Remember you can also test out trading on these company shares by utilize a demo trading account offered by our licensed can regulated Brokers if you so wish.

IBM – You will find that there are going to be a large number of different trades that are being placed each working day on IBM. This really is a major company that many traders will be basing lots of their trades each day on.

Microsoft – One of the largest companies in the world is of course Microsoft and it will not surprise you to learn that the value of this company’s shares are traded by Binary Options traders daily and as such you should always consider doing the same as at times they can swing wildly in one way or another.

Apple – The value of Apple shares are fluctuating wildly all of the time and with the sheer amount of cash which they spend on research and development on all of their new products will hopefully enable them to star at the top of their game so this is another US based company to consider placing your Binary Options shares on.

BAE Systems – A UK based company that supplies aviation parts to all countries of the world is of course BAE Systems and you re always going to be able to place a range of different Binary Options trades on the share value of this huge company.

BP– All oil and petroleum companies are going to be worth taking a look at in the trading markets and one of the most traded on companies form that market sector is the mighty British Petroleum.

CITI – If you are looking or a banking institution on which to base your trades then the US based CITI bank will always give you food for thought in regards to which way their shares will move on any working day of the week.

Coca Cola – With a presence in very country of the world it may be worth you placing the occasional Binary Options trade on Coca Cola it is of course their fizzy drink that make the value of this US based company so huge and its market share is not likely to take any hits in the foreseeable future.

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