Survey Shows Crypto Enthusiasts Want Salary In Bitcoin

September 14, 2018
Survey Shows Crypto Enthusiasts Want Salary In Bitcoin September 14, 2018 Kevin Stokes

getting paid in bitcoinBitcoin single-handedly changed the global crypto currency market when its value sky-rocketed in 2017 and went as high as $20,000. The massive spike in value created a global hunger for cryptocurrency industries and turned Bitcoin into the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

The opposition happened in 2018 as Bitcoin’s value plummeted significantly and is now trading at just over $6,500. However, that hasn’t shaken the faith of crypto investors from around the world who still consider Bitcoin to be a safe investment.

ChronoBank recently conducted a survey in which 445 crypto friendly individuals were asked about their personal preferences. The survey showed that 66 percent of those surveyed wanted their employers to pay them via cryptocurrencies and 72 percent of them said that when they start to look for a new job they would look for an employer who had the option of paying them their salaries in cryptocurrencies.

The poll showed that 83 percent of them would prefer to receive their bonuses in cryptocurrencies but only 30 percent believed that their employers would take any steps in the future to switch over to digital currency payments. While there are a number of popular cryptocurrencies in the market, there were no second guesses as to which cryptocurrency they preferred to receive their payments in.

The survey took feedback from crypto enthusiasts in a number of countries including the United States, Russia, Australia and other nations. More than 90 percent of those surveyed were men, 40 percent were between the ages of 25 and 34; and 75 percent of them said they were currently employed.

Uncertain Over Crypto Regulations

While the majority of those surveyed admitted their preference to receiving their salaries in cryptocurrencies, most of them were not certain if this would be possible in their respective countries as they weren’t very certain over current crypto regulations.

In a statement, Sergei Sergeinko, CEO of ChronoBank said

Even though there are ongoing changes in the legislation of different countries in the field of cryptocurrency, audiences are still not adequately informed about the innovations. Almost half of the respondents do not have enough information on whether salary payments in cryptocurrencies in their countries are allowed

Apart from wanting wages in Bitcoin, the survey respondents were also open to receiving payments in Altcoin. ChronoBank which is a HR startup has provided employers with interesting data and it remains to be seen which companies adopt the bold approach to start using cryptocurrencies as a salary payment option.

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