Most Popular Currency Pairing Trades

July 14, 2015
Most Popular Currency Pairing Trades October 22, 2015 Clive Nelson

CurrenciesIt does not really matter which one of our Forex Brokers you choose to sign up to if you want to be able to pair up any one single currency against another, for all of our featured Brokers are going to offer you a very large range of currency pairings.

That does of course mean you are going to be able to pair any two currencies up together in the hope the way you have chosen to trade will see you locking in a tidy profit. However, if you are unsure of just which two currencies to pair up together then below you will find a complete overview of some of the most commonly traded currency pairings, which may or may not give you some ideas as to just which currencies you should place your Forex trades on.

Bitcoin/USD – A handful of our featured and fully licensed Forex Brokers are going to let you pair up the digital currency Bitcoin with the US Dollar, and that is worth remembering as the price of those two currency pairings is always going to be volatile so there are some large profits that can be made when pairing them up together in your trades.

EUR/GBP – You will also be able to place your Forex related trades on both the Euro and the Great British Pound. In fact Sterling has been increasing in value against most other worldwide currencies lately and that is worth remembering If you are interested in using GBP on one half of your parings.

EUR/JPY – Should you wish to pair us any currency with the Japanese Yen then all of our Forex Brokers which we have reviewed on this website will let you pair that currency up with any other, however the most popular pairing of JPY is with the Euro.

EUR/USD – Another popular Forex trade which you are going to be probably willing to place is the Euro against the US Dollar, and it will be a trading opportunity that you are going to have no trouble placing at any of our featured Forex Brokers.

GBP/USD – If you are interested in pairing up the currently strong in value Great British Pound you will find plenty of pairings available, however another popular pairing option for GBP is with the US Dollar, and both of those two currencies are of course both very volatile at times so they can swing in value on way or another in an instant.

NZD/USD – You may not have considered placing a Forex trade on the value of the New Zealand Dollar with another currency but as a trader you should always keep your options open and with that in mind then do consider pairing up NZD with USD.

USD/CAD – One final currency pairing that you may be interested in placing is the USD being paired up with the CAD, whilst not known for any major volatility it is another currency pairing to add to your portfolio of trades from time to time.

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